South Dakota
Once again its time for our annual trip to South Dakota. Club members
usually head out the weekend before Memorial Day.  We don't really have a
schedule. We just like to stop along the way to some of our favorite and proven
sites to find those famous Fairburns that everybody is always talking about.
Ok that would be us talkin'!
Our first stop the weta beds, just outside of Kadoka, South Dakota. We only
have 4 hours here. We want to make it on into Wall before dark. Were meeting
up with the rest of the club members for the Fairburn rock swap in Rapids
City in the morning. We'll stop back here again on our way home.
We ran into Roger Clark at the Fairburn rock swap. This is the
rock swaps first year. Got to see the famous Fairburn that Roger
owns, and a Tee pee Canyon Sphere.
Sandy got about 20ft. from
the truck and found this
Fairburn. Someone must
have dropped it. It had been
hammered, but hey it's a
We got out of the truck and got our gear.
All of us headed out. Miles and miles of
open range to hunt.
Here is Shirley blessing our hills. She has
been coming out to this site for the 20 plus
years. We call this hill,  Ebbe Hill
Roger, Cindy and
Don talkin' rock
at the rock swap.
Some of the
Fairburns at the
rock swap
Dave talkin' rock
with another
rockhound at the
rock swap.
On collecting day 2, we all met at the visitors
center in Wall. Sandy took this picture from the
truck while some of the club members charted
our course for the day.
Which Way Do We Go!!!!!!
We all agreed to set course for Quinn. Its not to far
from Wall. About 7 miles or so.
Sandy and Shirley
found a Fairburn at
Quinn. We spent most
of the day here.
Far out on the open range. There was an area that
all the rock had moss on them. Sandy picked up
some rounder shaped ones for her grand daughter
Kaycee. When she got home, her and Kaycee started
cleaning the rocks. Soon Kaycee gave up cleaning
and told her granny she could have the rest. So of
course Sandy finished cleaning the moss off. Much
to her surprise  There was a black and white
Fairburn. Very happy Kaycee didn't see this one or
she would have kept it. (Kaycee likes the lacy
ones)  *The moral of the story; When Shirley says
we need to clean the rocks after collecting in the
kitchen of the motel, we should do it!
On collecting day 3, we set out to walk the Cheyenne River to look for agates. We went straight
north of Wall about 25 miles. One of the members had obtained permission to go on some private
land. It was hike down to the river, but it was warm and sunny. We could not have asked for a
better collecting day on the river.
So off we went. We were out on the river about 45 mins. Some of the members were 1/4 mile down
the river in both directions, and here came a storm. As the sky rumble, we made are way back to
the trucks. By the time we got back to our vehicles, the storm passed. The horses were standing out
in the field, not bothered by the storm at all.
Doug stopped to pull
a prairie  agate out
of the graded road.
Don sporting
sunny goggles
On collecting day 4 We went out to Rail Road Buttes. We
only spent a few hours out there. Bad weather was moving
in. You don't want to be off road when it gets wet, many
collectors have been stranded out in the middle of no where.
  Storms a comin'                                  Too late Dave
                                                          you're wet.
Our last day collecting we went up in the hills to Custer, to look for Teepee Canyon Agate. Dave
found a cute little nodule with some patterns.  Shirley and Sandy found them growing under a tree.
There was enough to fill a bucket.  We spent all day collecting.
Getting ready to
go out collecting
All of us heading
out to collect in the
Nodule (eggs)
growing under the
tree. When will they
A pear shape nodule
Here agates
You have an agate!
That's a mighty cute agate
Looking over
our finds!
I see you!
This marks the end of our week. We had a great
time! See ya next year!