Keweenaw Collecting - Copper Included Agates
Ted and I headed up to Houghton, Michigan on Monday August 4th  
after work. We arrived at our motel about 10:30 pm. I took us about 3
1/2 hours from Stevens Point, WI.  Our plan is to tool around for
copper on Tuesday and take a drive to Copper Harbor.
Tuesday, August 5th.
We were up and at em' by 7am. Went to Perkins for
breakfast in Houghton, and were off for a day of
collecting by 8:30.  We tooled around a few mine
sites for the most of the day on Tuesday working our
way to Copper Harbor.  We got side tracked in Eagle
River and found ourselves sitting on the shore of
Lake Superior.
Ted skipped some stones and I cooled down in the
Lake. I had only had planned to get my feet wet,
but the water was so nice. I was soon up to my
waste. We diddled there for an hour or two.  
We had collected a couple nice pieces of copper and
about a handful of nodules that we hammered out
of the Basalt.  As the day was ending and we
needed to get dinner and a shower before we headed
up to the Quincy Mine for the rock swap in the
parking lot starting at 7 pm.
We arrived at the swap a little early! (Only bout' a
1/2 hour.) Figured that was ok as we were not the
first ones to arrive. We met up with some old friends
and talked rock and minerals. I of course found a
few things to buy. A group of us decided that we
would collect at the Wolverine #2  for copper
included agates.  Small they may be, but they are
pretty little........... Agates.
Thursday, August 7th
We drove around for what seemed to be hours, trying to track down a
contact person to get permission to go on a mine dump that was
privately owned.  We wanted to collect Datolite at this particular mine.  
However we gave up after an hour or 2 of driving around with no luck,  
so we settled for the LaSalle mine dump. We had a tailgate lunch before
we headed out to the piles of Basalt.
We spent about 5 hours pounding the basalt at the LaSalle with the
Reeds. For a toddler Brandon had no problem with the uneven terrain,
and Matthew is a trouper. He pounded the basalt all day and never
tired. (A true rock hound in training)  
From what we could see they were mostly calcite and some were
included with copper. I know this cause the hammer missed and hit a
few nodules instead of the basalt, a few times and I hit my finger. By
the end of the day my index and middle finger were bruised.  It only
hurt for a little bit!
We ended the day with a tailgate dinner of ham and turkey sandwiches
and chips.
Even though we have spent 2 days with Jan and the boys collecting.  
Brandon was still the shy little boy when it came to Ted and I.  
However, that came crashing down when Ted found and picked some
wild berries, Brandon melted like butta........ He held the bowl while we
picked.  The bowl must have had a hole.........cause every time we turned
to put some in it, they were gone!!!............

A Great ending to our day.
Wednesday, August 6th
Up for breakfast and out collecting by 11am.
I know not so much an early start, but after all this is a vacation so I
slept in.  Ted walked along the lake drinking coffee waiting for me to get
out and about' (He's an early riser)
After breakfast we went to the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum for the
specimen sale. I bought a pretty little Fluorite Specimen from Mexico.  A
Nice specimen for a nice price.
Of course we went thru the museum before we met up with some friends
for our dig.  
The cell phone rang a 1/4 till 11 am. The group was ready to go. Good
thing they called as we lost track of time.........ok,  I mean I lost track of
time. Ted was waiting for me! We met up with the group at about 11am
and headed off to the Wolverine. We  spent a long day pounding out the
little agate nodules out of the hard Basalt  At the end of the day we had
2 handfuls. Hopefully 1 out of the hand full will have some copper
Fluorite from England
This was a nice Datolite
half I purchased at the
rock swap. It is from the
Caledonia Mine
Larry & Don
Runnin' a muck
Lois & Cindy
Pictures at the LaSalle mine
This is some basalt from the wolverine with nodules.
The first one on the hills.
Looking for the best spot.
Hey mom, find anything good!
Hey, whacha' got in your bucket
Matthew and Sandy
Look what we found
Some copper
A nice copper coin...The
Indians used these for
trade back in the day
Brandon & Ted