Graveyard Point Plume Oregon - Field Trip
Day 1 - Monday, June 11th.

The plan was to meet at Dave and Judy’s house at 7am to get an early start.  Sandy Picked up Colleen at 6:
30am which gave us a 1/2 hour to get to Dave's house. However Sandy forgot the cheese and sausage that she
picked up at the cheese factory the day before for the trip. This would have ruined Sandys whole day,  so we
drove back to her house and picked it up before we were to head out to Dave and Judy's. So yes, it was Sandy
that made the executive decision to change the meeting time to 8am. Sandy gave a Dave a call. Dave and
Judy were waiting at the end of there driveway when we arrived. So off we go, heading west.

We stopped at the Lewis and Clarke display on the way to Kadoka, SD.  (which was our first nights
destination)  it gave us a chance to stretch our legs.  After a quick stop, we were off again on our long
journey out west. We stop at Al’s Oasis in Chamberlain, South Dakota  for dinner our tummies were happy
and legs stretched so onto our final stop for the night. The motel had a very unique display.  In front of the
motel was a pile of hay bales with two recliners and two porcelain thrones as an advertisement. We stayed at
$12.50 each for our overnight accommodations.  It was quiet and clean. We only need to sleep after our long
first days drive.
Day 2 - Tuesday, June 12th.
We all decided to go do a little Fairburn hunting at the Weta beds just out side of Kadoka. We collected til'
noon, that gave us 3 hours to devote to agate collecting after breakfast. Boy the 3 hours went fast. All of us
found a few pretty little treasures. Sandy was the only one that found a Fairburn, and Oh but a wee little
one it was. You almost needed a microscope! We also found some pretty little bubble gum agates. We gathered
about the vehicles around noon, and them headed out.  Here are just a few of the photos we took on the way
out to the beds.  
Cows at the top
rim of the bluffs
Weta Dam
Weta Beds
Judy and Colleen        Dave
That Blooming
Yuccas in
Colleen on top
the agate beds,
and Judy and
Dave lookin' at
their finds.
Day 3 - Wednesday, June 13th.
Got up at 7 and ate breakfast at Bubba's. Today was going to be another long day as we will be making our
way thru Yellowstone. We all agreed as long as we where in Cody, we would spend the morning at the Bill
Cody Historical Center which housed about 5 different Museum. They had a firearms museum that was
simply amazing. There were over 3000 rifles from back in time. The earliest dating back to the 1400's.
They even had a few rocks and minerals. We also went to the photography gallery, exhibiting the renown
photographer John Bunker Sands. We spent a good part of the morning here at the museums. So again
around noon we were back on the road. We had a lot to see yet at Yellowstone, and many more photo
opportunities. We got around to Old Faithful about 7:00pm. We had to wait about 45 mins. for the next
eruptions. Still plenty light out side. I took about 250 photos as it spouted for about 2 mins. As you can see
by the photos we had a ball! We drove again till midnight, and found lodging at St. Anthony, Idaho.
We stop in Wall, S.D. at the Grassland visitors center for a few mins. Earlier at the Weta Beds we had seen
some large birds that flew over us which looked like pelicans. So while we were visiting the visitors center
we asked about the large birds. They said they were in fact, actually pelicans. They were migrating north.
They had flew quite low and were just stunning.
With lots more driving to do,we filled our tanks and hit the road.
This evening we drove thru a beautiful pass called the Big Horn Mountains. As the sunset on these very
colorful mountains, it made great picture taking opportunities. We stopped so many times, for flowers, moose,
and deer, that it was midnight when we got to Cody, Wyoming. What a wonderful day in our
One of many John
Bunker Sands
This is John
standing on the
summit of a
peak at 17,783
Gypsum with
Crystal from a
deposit near
the shore of a
Jurassic ocean
from an Obsidian
deposit in the
wake of the
volcanic hot spot
both in northwest
Wyoming and in
The Story Teller
Watercolor on
Moose statue
outside of
Now on to Yellowstone. We stopped so many times, and took soooo....... many photos.  Enjoy the photos.
Just outside of Cody on our way to Yellowstone. Judy took this one while we were driving. The landscape was
Colleen Sandy
Judy and
The chatty squirrel.
Judy was aiming
for the long lens
in the back
ground. Not
realizing she was
taking her own
photo. Something
on the hill had
everyones attention.
Our last stop in Yellowstone just as the sun was setting. We stayed for about an
hour, and I took about 100 or more photos. Here is just a few.
Time for lunch.
cuttin' up
Old Faithful  at
about 7:30pm
None of these photos may be copied or reproduced without
Minerals just
under an inch
of very warm
spring waters. In
different spots
along the walk.
You can see the
change in color
and minerals. As
the sunset you
could see the
became more
Sandy and Dave playing in the fog.  It
was like seeing ghostly images. It was way
The last photos of the day. These are my favorites. I took
a series of this sunset, and a few of the pool. It was
indeed, an intense blue. I had nothing to brace the
camera with. It was hand held.
Dave by the river
Lupins & Sunflowers
Rock Formation