from the rock room
Every thing I do comes from the rock room.  
Hand cut cabochons.
Designer Jewelry
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Welcome to my website. Come and have a look see, things are always changing.
I love making pretties, as my grand daughter calls it. I spend the Spring
and Summers collecting, and demonstrating wire wrapping at gem &
mineral  shows. 90% of my rock cutting is thru- the Winter months, when
it's just to darn cold out. I cut between 1200-1400 stones a Winter.  

I have been cutting rock and wire wrapping for over 17 years now. The
first two years I spent cutting calibrated cabs, and still do upon request.
Most now, are free form.

I use diamond 2" x 8" hard wheels, and sanding is on 3" x 8" expandable
drum, with my home made diamond paste on uncharged poly cotton belts..
There is nothing wrong with carbi wheels - I used them for the first 4
years. My polish of choice is Tin Oxide on a hard felt wheel.

Well that about sums it up, I love this hobby!
Love Fluorite
Love Field Trippin'